Vintage Wedding Mother of the Bride/Groom Dresses Guidelines

Having the mothers of the bride and groom incorporated into their children’s weddings has become a common practice. By having your mothers involved in your vintage themed wedding gives the mothers a chance to participate in their children's big day while also allowing for another chance to incorporate your vintage theme into the wedding through their dress.

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The Mother's Role in the Wedding

Typically, mothers are used in the Unity Candle Ceremony in their children's wedding. The mothers light separate candles representing the individual families on either side of one larger unity candle, which will later be lit in the wedding ceremony by the bride and groom using those separate candles to “unite” the families into one new family.

Mothers of the bride are also sometimes used in the wedding ceremony to walk their daughters down the isle if the bride's father is unable to do so. It is completely up to you whether or not you wish to incorporate the mothers into your wedding, but if you choose to, then you may want to request that the mothers wear a dress that adds to the vintage era you have chosen for your vintage wedding theme.

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Mother's Choice of Dress

Traditionally, the mother of the bride chooses her dress for the wedding before the mother of the groom. Throughout the vintage eras, the expense of the wedding traditionally fell on the parents of the bride. Therefore, it was the mother of the bride’s right to choose her own dress first as she was “hosting” (sponsoring) the wedding. However, this is not a steadfast rule in today’s day and age as more and more weddings are being funded by either both families or by the bride and groom themselves. So in today's age, it is not unheard of for the mother of the groom to select her dress without first asking the mother of the bride what her dress looks like, but it is a traditional courtesy to inquire first.

Vintage Theme of the Dress

Regardless of how you or your family feels about who chooses their dress first, if the mothers will take part in the wedding ceremony and you want their attire to fit within the vintage theme of the wedding, you will need to inform them of your choice in vintage wedding theme and vintage era. If it is not important to you for them to match the vintage theme, then they can wear any dress they want. However, if you do want them to match the vintage wedding theme, then you may have to give them some guidance as to appropriate styles and shapes of dresses from your selected vintage era.

Similar to the bridesmaid dress selection, the mothers could match the rest of the wedding party by having a different style of vintage formal dress or gown than the bridal dress, but from within the same vintage era. As an example, if the vintage wedding theme was the Victorian era, the bride could wear a Victorian bridal gown, the bridesmaids could wear formal Victorian ball gowns, and the mothers could wear a Victorian style of dress that might have been worn on a Sunday (their Sunday best).

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Even though the physical role that mothers play in the Unity Candle Ceremony of the wedding is not very long, having them wear a dress with reference to the vintage era or style you’ve chosen will allow for flowing cohesion throughout the entire wedding party.

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