Your Vintage Wedding

The “One Stop Shop” for the vintage themed wedding of your dreams!

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Having a wedding with a vintage theme (or even just having select components that are vintage incorporated into your theme) immediately adds timeless elegance to your wedding day. Choosing a vintage theme for your wedding is a wonderful way to create a lasting impression on your guests, as well as your own future memories and photographs, while at the same time giving a “nod” to our ancestors and the generations before us.

This website was designed to help make the planning of your vintage themed wedding easier and more stress-free, and to provide an easy and informative “one stop shop” for all of your vintage wedding needs.

The variety of elements that you can choose from to incorporate into your theme can create an amazing impact in the overall appearance and atmosphere of your wedding. There are so many different eras to be influenced and inspired by. You can incorporate as many vintage themed elements as you want, ranging from having every aspect of your wedding be completely vintage based, to having a hybrid that includes modern-day elements as well. Regardless of how many elements you decide to include, choosing vintage components for your wedding theme will always be classic, timeless, and will transcend through the years effortlessly in your photographs, videos, and memories long after your wedding day.

All of the information, ideas, guidelines, and suggestions provided here are to help make your vintage themed wedding as memorable and stress-free as possible. So please explore the site and enjoy! Here’s to you and your vintage wedding!